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HUBU WeChat Ranks Top 50 on China University Official WeChat Account Impact List

August 22, 2019


The 2019 University Media Elite and New Media Development Forum, presided by China Youth Daily and China University Media Union was held in Zhejiang University on August 20. 2018-2019 China University Official WeChat Account Impact Top 100 List and the New media Innovation Award are announced in the forum.


HUBU Official WeChat account ranked 45 on the China University Official WeChat Account Impact Top 100 List with a progress of 4 places compared to last year. This is the fourth year that HUBU is on the top 100, and second year on top 50. Hubei University is also the only provincial university selected among Hubei Province. Apart from that, HUBU Official WeChat account also won Best 10 China University Official WeChat Operation Innovation Award.


HUBU official WeChat account has kept innovating its content and operation under the leadership of Party Committee of Hubei University. Focusing on campus life and catering for faculty and students, it has developed into an influential official account with authority, speed, accuracy and fun. Campus featured stories with positive energy are broadcasted echoing reform and development of Hubei University. Partnership with several media agents is established. And it has won wide recognition from faculty, students, alumni, partner universities and authorities. 14 awards from Hubei provincial department of education, China Youth Daily, Tencent, China University Media Union are honored in recognition of its effort for promoting HUBU’s social impact.