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Four HUBUers Awarded the Sixth Yangtze River Students of Hubei Province

August 12, 2020

Recently, the results of the sixth "Yangtze River Students" sponsored by Hubei Provincial Department of Education were announced. Four HUBUers were included in the list, namely Liu Wei, Wu Jiahao, Gong Cheng and Wang Xiaochen.

There are four categories of "Yangtze River students", with a total number of 100 students, including 30 innovative students, 30 independent entrepreneur students, 20 community-level employment students and 20 conscript students. Wang Xiaochen was selected as the innovative student, Wu Jiahao as the entrepreneur student, Liu Wei as the community-level employment student, and Gong Cheng as the conscript student.

Wang Xiaochen, a 2020 electronic information engineering graduate, was recommended to Fudan University. He always was first place in grade, with a comprehensive score of 98.96. He has won more than 50 honors such as China Telecom Scholarship, National Scholarship and Top Ten Students of Hubei University.


Wu Jiahao is a 2015 marketing undergraduate student of the School of International Education. He now runs a cultural communication company in Wuhan. During his university years, he was intern of Hubei Satellite TV, Hubei Education Channel and other companies.

Liu Wei volunteered to become a community-level civil servant in Tibet after graduation. From 2017 to 2019, she was awarded the Outstanding Civil Servant for three consecutive years. Her team was awarded the Excellent Village Team of the autonomous region.


Gong Cheng was admitted to School of Life Science of Hubei University in 2014 as a life science normal undergradutate. He was conscripted in September 2016 and returned to school in 2018. During his service, he performed excellently. He participated in major maneuvers many times, and was awarded twice, once as one of the Top Ten Recruits, and once as an Excellent Volunteer.