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9 New Majors—26 Majors were selected as National First-Class Undergraduate Specialty

March 10, 2021


The “Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on Publishing the List of National and Provincial First-Class Undergraduate Specialty in 2020” was released recently. And 9 majors of Hubei University have been approved as the national first-class undergraduate specialty in 2020, and 7 as provincial. At present, HUBU has obtained 26 national first-class undergraduate specialties, and 10 provincial ones, ranking first among provincial universities by the total number of national first-class undergraduate specialty.


The "Double Ten Thousand First-Class Specialty Plan" for the construction of first-class undergraduate specialty is of great significance for promoting higher education. It is an effective measure taken by the Ministry of Education to meet the core idea of the National Education Conference and the National Undergraduate Education Work Conference in the New Era. Besides, we should promote the construction of disciplines in new engineering, new medicine, new agriculture and new liberal arts, improve the quality of first-class undergraduate schools, build first-class majors and cultivate first-class talents, so as to comprehensively revitalize undergraduate education and strengthen the ability of talent cultivation in Colleges. Starting from 2019, it will take three years to build about 10,000 national first-class undergraduate specialties and 10,000 provincial ones.


In recent years, "Plan for the First-Class Undergraduate Specialty of Hubei University" has been put forward. This plan enhances the core competitiveness and influence of the majors, solidly promotes the construction of the first-class undergraduate specialties, and comprehensively improves the quality of personnel training.