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International Students Experience Chu Culture in Chinese Summer Camp of Hubei University

August 9, 2021

On July 31, the first “Chinese + Hubei Food Culture” Summer Camp of Hubei University embraced a successful end after 20 days’ activities. One of the outstanding representatives of the camp from Zimbabwe—— GEBRE YOHANNES SHEWAREGA shared his opinion that “We are glad to participate in this Chinese summer camp, which allows us to experience Chinese culture and receive valuable friendship while learning Chinese.”




During the summer camp, more than 30 international students from Pakistan, Rwanda, Zimbabwe and other countries appreciated the beauty of traditional Chinese culture by learning Chinese, tasting Hubei cuisine and so on.


In Chinese class, the teacher guides international students to learn Chinese from three aspects——reading, listening and writing. Also, students are given detailed guidance on Chinese learning and examination skills to help everyone to overcome the obstacles in Chinese learning. Many international students said that after summer camp training, their Chinese ability had been significantly improved.


Besides, the summer camp also peovided a variety of thematic cultural lectures. Yao Weijun, a master of Chinese catering culture, showed international students an inclusive and diverse Wuhan catering culture by explaining the time-honored of Wuhan diet and traditional cuisine. And Wang Ruoxuan of Hubei University Language Committee invited international students to taste the top ten famous teas in Hubei Province and learn the tea ceremony in the aroma of tea. Also, Kang Fen, a Chinese catering service master, delivered international students vivid and detailed lectures on Chinese traditional catering etiquette and folklore.




The director of the summer camp said that our school would be ceaselessly to explore more ways of international student education under the guidance of the “Chinese +” project.