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International Students of Hubei University Visit Winter Olympic Games as European Youth

September 1, 2021

On July 26th, George Richards, a British student at Hubei University, and Clement Penin, a French student, visited the Beijing Winter Olympic Games as representatives of Hubei Province. The event was hosted by the Chinese People 's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, and it lasted four days, with more than 50 youth and international student representatives from 17 European countries. They would visit the headquarters of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and the districts, learning about the Beijing Winter Olympics story and sharing the feelings of the visit.




At the Beijing Winter Olympics story sharing meeting, seven tellers from different industries shared their own stories with the Winter Olympics. Among them are the promoters who travel all the Olympic cities around the world and actively spread the Olympic culture, and the doctors who escort the skiers of Winter Olympic Games. There are not only college students who participate in the “Beijing eight minutes” skating performance, but also primary school students who have passion in ice hockey. There are volunteers who had went to Rio to provide language service in the Olympic Games, and also Paralympic champions with determined heart. Clement Penin said that every spokeswoman 's Olympic experience is ordinary and extraordinary, and it was their experience that let him grasp the key of the Olympic spirit.


Walking into the headquarter of the organizing committee of Beijing Winter Olympic Games in Shougang Park, the office area of the organizing committee reconstructed by the old factory of Shougang is displayed in front of everyone with vigorous vitality and unique creative art form. It not only retains the industrial style to the greatest extent, but also provides office functions. The headquarter is the perfect combination of modern elements and industrial heritage. When visit Yanqing and Zhangjiakou, everyone got the opportunity to have in-depth understanding of the preparation of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games and the achievements of China ' s popularization of winter sports. Moreover, they witnessed the huge impact for Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region interconnection, ecological environment improvement, urban transformation and upgrading development during the preparation of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games.


George Richards made a statement as a representative at the exchange meeting. He showed the opinion that the Winter Olympics activities had enriched his knowledge and experience. This visit confirmed that the Beijing Winter Olympics fully practiced the concept of ecological protection and sustainable development in the preparation process. And he will definitely share these stories with his relatives and friends, so that more people can better understand and support Beijing Winter Olympics. He was of no doubt that China will bring a safe, wonderful and extraordinary Winter Olympics to the world.