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10 Provincial Postgraduate Workstations of Hubei University was Aprroved

September 6, 2021

Recently, the Department of Education of Hubei Province published the list of graduate workstations in Hubei Province in 2021. Among them, ten postgraduate workstations such as “Hubei Yuanda Fuchi Pharmaceutical and Chemical Co., Ltd. Postgraduate Workstations” that applied by Hubei University were approved. Our university topped in Hubei Province in terms of the number of approved workstations. All in all, Hubei University harbors 24 provincial graduate workstations at present.


The list of approved provincial postgraduate workstations in 2021



As the talent-training platform jointly established by universities and enterprises, postgraduate workstation serves as an important base for postgraduate-training, as well as a significant carrier of industry-university-research integration. Hubei University attaches great importance to the establishment and development of postgraduate workstations. In recent years, we have endeavored to promote the construction of workstations, thus enhancing the practical and innovative ability of postgraduates.