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2023 Mental Health Festival of Hubei University

April 17, 2023

On March 30th, the opening ceremony of Hubei University’s 2023 Mental Health Festival and the ceremony for the establishment of “Mental Health Service Team” were held in the Conference Center. Hou Yong, the deputy secretary of Hubei University, Zhang Yanhua, Deputy Director of the Mental Health Center of Huazhong Agricultural University, leaders and staffs of the Department of Students Affairs and the Department of Graduate Students Affairs, leaders of each school, counselors, and student representatives of the team participated in the event.

The event reviewed the activities about mental health in 2022, awarded certificates to active participators, and arranged the activity plan in 2023. As a representative, Hou Yong featured the establishment of the “Mental Health Service Team”.

At the first forum of the event, Zhang Yanhua gave a presentation, explained the techniques of students’ affairs, identification of common psychological problems and crisis intervention, and answered students’ questions.

Hubei University has been exploring the distinctive mental health education model and promoting the construction of mental health culture by building the mental health education institution in each school. In 2023, we will carry out 22 mental health education activities and give full play to the function of peer groups by focusing on peer group counseling, peer counseling, etc., to bring mental health education into the student community and promote students’ mutual support and self-growth.