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2019 CCIDE Forum Opens at HUBU

July 10, 2019

On July 10, renowned entrepreneurs, designers and presidents of art schools from both sides of the Taiwan Strait gathered at Hubei University to jointly welcome the Sixth Cross-Strait Creative Innovation Summit Forum, a grand gathering of multi-wisdom in cultural and artistic innovation. This forum is one of the 16th Wuhan &Taiwan Week series. It is co-sponsored by the Taiwan Affairs Office of the People's Government of Hubei Province, the Media Group of Hubei Daily and Hubei University. It aims to strengthen cross-strait cultural, economic and trade exchanges and promote the development and innovation of cultural and creative industries.

Wang Yanling, member of the Standing Committee of Hubei Province and Minister of Propaganda Department, attended and opened the forum. Liao Xuefeng, Director of the Standing Committee Office of the General Office of the Hubei Provincial Committee; Zhao Lifu, Director of the Publicity Department of the Hubei Provincial Committee; Xu Yuanhong, Vice-Director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the People's Government of Hubei Province; Shi Baian, Researcher of the Exchange Department; Hu Siyong, Chief Editor of the Media Group of Hubei Daily; Professor Song Xiewei, Dean of Design College of Central Academy of Fine Arts; Professor Xie Juncheng, Former President of Taiwan University of Art; Lv Xiaogang, Vice-Director of Information Department of the Palace Museum; Xie Yiqing, Chief Editor of Taiwan Designer Heixiu Network in Beijing; Chen Lvsheng, Former Vice-President of China National Museum; Professor Dong Jining, former Dean of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts; Luo Cheng, Chairman of Langjian Design Group Co., Ltd., and Shang Gang; Secretary of the Party Committee of Hubei University attended the opening ceremony. Wang Shimin, vice Principal, presided over the opening ceremony.

On behalf of Hubei University, Shanggang welcomed the leaders, experts and guests who attended the forum. He said that the Cross-Strait Forum on Creative Innovation had been held four times in Hubei University and more than 100 well-known experts, professors and designers from both sides of the Taiwan Strait have brought new ideas, new methods and achievements in the development of art and scientific and technological creativity. The CCIDE helps promoting the development of art and design disciplines in schools and universities in Hubei Province and promotes cultural prosperity and artistic innovation across the Straits. This forum will enhance the reform and innovation consciousness of art colleges and universities, and provide help for exploring the training mode of creative design professionals and realizing the new leap forward of art design education.

Shanggang awarded visiting professors' appointments of Hubei University for Song Xiewei, Luo Cheng and Xie Zhicheng. Hu Siyong presented invitations of speakers for Song Xiewei, Xie Juncheng, Lv Xiaogang, Xie Yiqing, Liu Chongzhi, Liu Chongyue, Liu Zhuomei and Xi Yu.

Hubei University signed a joint talent training agreement with Langjian Design Group Co., Ltd. and Wuhan Jiangchukaiwu Science and Technology Co., Ltd. and unveiled the innovative class of Langjian Product Design of Hubei University. The three parties will give full play to their respective advantages, implement school-enterprise joint education, and devote themselves to training innovative and compound talents in the field of industrial design.

Xu Yuanhong unveiled the new book "Garden Creation - Cultural Creation of Wuhan City Park". The Creator teams on both sides of the Taiwan Straits have changed the new visual images for the urban parks such as Wuhan Liberation Park, Zhongshan Park and Shahu Park. From the multi-dimensional aspects of history, culture, art and aesthetics, landscape characteristics, the characteristics of river culture, old buildings, sprouting culture, science and technology of different parks are presented separately.

In the keynote speeches, Song Xiewei, Xie Juncheng, Lv Xiaogang and Xie Yiqing respectively brought reports entitled "From Culture to Innovation", "From Practical Cases to Analyse the Path of Creative and Innovative Talents Training in Literary and Creative Industries", "Exploration of Digital Palace Museum", "Comparison and Analysis of the Funding Mechanisms for Art and Design Talents across the Taiwan Strait".

The cross-strait cultural exchange activities also included the Yellow Crane Hall-President's Round Table, IP Power Forum in the city of ipower, and Poster Design Invitation Exhibition for the 108th anniversary of the 1911 Revolution.