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Professor Xuanfeng Jiang’s paper Published in J. Am. Chem. Soc

July 4, 2019

Recently, Professor Xuanfeng Jiang, who worked as a distinguished professor of Chu-Tian Scholar and a candidate of Hubei province" Hundred-Talent Program" youth project in the School of Material Science and Engineering of our university published a high-level research paper named “Topochemical Synthesis of Single-Crystalline Hydrogen-Bonded Cross-Linked Organic Frameworks and Their Guest-Induced Elastic Expansion” in a top international journal: Journal of the American Chemical Society.


Covalently linked single-crystalline porous organic materials are highly desired for structure-property analysis, however, periodically polymerizing organic entities into high dimensional networks is challenging. Professor Jiang’s group and co-workers have successfully developed a series of elastic hydrogen-bonded crosslinked organic frameworks with high crystallinity and topological structure though thiol-ene photo-irradiated polymerization and single crystal to single crystal transformation, HCOFs 2-4 and their corresponding single crystalline one-dimensional organic polymer materials 5-7. These novel HCOFs materials have high chemical stability and visible elasticity at the crystalline state before and after iodine adsorption in the water, and show record-breaking aqueous iodine adsorption capacities. Therefore, these materials have a promising application in the enrichment and separation of environmental pollutants.