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7th World Cultural Forum Held in Egypt

June 10, 2019

From June 9 to June 10, the 7th World Forum on Cultural Development was held in Cairo, Egypt. More than 60 scholars from China, Egypt, the United States, Mexico and India had discussions on the theme “the construction of moral consensus and the common values of human beings”.  


Professor Jiang Chang, Dean of the Research Institute of Higher Humanities, Hubei University delivered a keynote speech entitled "Seeking a Global Moral Consensus to Promote the Construction of Human Common Value" at the opening ceremony. He pointed out that humankind has become a community of common destiny with interests as its carrier. However, necessary moral and value system of the community has not been established yet. The reason lies in lacking of common moral and value consensus, which is the biggest dilemma and problem mankind is facing contemporarily. Scholars from all over the world gathered in Cairo to discuss the issue of moral consensus and the construction of human common values, in order to make an academic response to this dilemma. He maintained that scholars from all countries should, on the one hand, fully tap and sort out the ideological and cultural resources related to the common morality and common values of human beings in their traditional ideological culture, vigorously promote the relevant excellent ideological and theoretical viewpoints and concepts, and integrate them into the common value system of human beings; on the other hand, they should focus on the common destiny of contemporary human beings. Based on the social reality of contemporary global integration and modernization of life, we should combine promotion with innovation and actively participate in the theoretical construction of human common value system. 


Shi Yuewen, Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Egypt and Abd El Wahab Ezzat, President of Ain Sharms University, Professor Wan Junren, Dean of the School of Humanities of Tsinghua University and President of the Chinese Ethics Society, delivered speeches respectively.


The forum also held the Blue Book release conference of the “Report on Chinese Cultural Development (2019)". Sun Weiping, editor-in-chief of the Blue Book on Cultural Construction and a special professor of Shanghai University, introduced that the Blue Paper on Cultural Construction was jointly organized and compiled by the Institute of Higher Humanities of Hubei University, the Center for Cooperative Innovation of Chinese Cultural Development of Hubei Province and the Institute of Cultural Construction of Hubei Province. It has been published for six consecutive years. The Blue Paper on Cultural Construction provides valuable theoretical reference and data support for the top-level design of Chinese cultural construction and cultural development practice, and provides valuable theoretical results for promoting the construction of a cultural power.