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Symposium on Global View of Non-Aligned Movement Held at HUBU

August 13, 2019


On the afternoon of August 11, 2019, under the guidance of the World History Society of Hubei Province and the School of History and Culture of Hubei University, Symposium on Global View of Non-Aligned Movement was held in Hubei University. More than 20 experts and scholars from research institutions and universities such as the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Wuhan University, Jilin University, Northwest University, East China Normal University, Shaanxi Normal University, Central China Normal University, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies and Hainan Normal University attended the meeting.

This symposium is the first one held in China with the theme of "Non-Aligned Movement". Scholars had discussions on the Non-Aligned Movement related issues including its latest situation, case study of the relationship between different countries and regions and the Non-Aligned Movement and in-depth thinking on China's international relations theory. Professor Shen Zhihua, famous expert in the study of cold war history, made a profound comment which helped scholars further broaden their research ideas. They were full of expectations for the further development of the study of the Non-Aligned Movement in China.