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Dragon & Lion Dance Art Troupe

September 5, 2019

Dragon & Lion Dance Art Troupe, Hubei University

The Dragon & Lion Dance Art Troupe of Hubei University was founded in October, 2006. It has 80 members now with six dragon costumes for training, competition and performance, eight lion costumes and three sets of high platforms. The team aims to promote the dragon and lion sport on campus, develop team spirit and train talents for campus dragon and lion dances. Coached by Mei Linqi, the team has won five national championships and two world championships, and also has visited the United States, Australia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Finland etc. to bring the Chinese dragon and lion dance art to the world.

Chief Coach: Mei Linqi

Mr. Mei Linqi has engaged in martial arts teaching and training for nearly 20 years. With the joint efforts of teachers in the martial arts teaching and research department,he founded dragon dance team in the year of 2006 and the lion dance team in 2008.