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Five-A-Side Football Team

September 5, 2019



The Five-A-Side football team of Hubei University was founded in 2003. It has won seven consecutive championships of the National University Five-A-Side Football League, four consecutive championships in the indoor Five-A-Side Chinese Football Association Cup, the first prize in the Five-A-Side Football Competition of the 4th National Sports Congress, and ten consecutive championships in the Five-A-Side Football League of Universities in Hubei province. The team won championship against Japan in the East Asian Football Federation Championship of indoor Five-A-Side Football in 2009, which was the first international championship of the Chinese Five-A-Side football team. In the 11th World University Five-A-Side Football Championship, it has won the 7th place, which was the best award in history for China., and it won the 13th place in the 12th chanpionship and the 8th place in the 13th championship.  



Chief Coach: Yu Zhixiong    




Prof. Yu Zhixiong has been engaged in football teaching and training for more than 20 years. Under his coach the five-a-side football team has won several honors for China and Hubei University.