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HUBU Holds 2019 Opening Ceremony to Welcome Freshers

September 10, 2019




On Sept 9, HUBU held 2019 opening ceremony for its freshers including 5001 undergraduate and 2167 graduate students at the main campus and College of General Education. The HUBU leadership, freshman military training leader, representatives of high school principal, alumni, faculty and staff, and leaders from relative departments attended the ceremony.








With the chorus of "I believe" and "I and my motherland", all freshmen waved national flags to show their vigor and patriotism, which created a warm atmosphere at the beginning of the ceremony.







"From this day on, we all have a common name -- Hubuer!" Shang Gang, party secretary of the Hubei University, delivered keynote speeches entitled “Hubuer!  My HUBU friends” and “Hubuer! Starting from the General Education” at the ceremony to welcome 2019 freshmen.




In his speech, Shang Gang shared his understanding of HUBU spirits“Stronger Every Day, Smarter Every Step” and “Striving for Self-improvement, Overcoming Difficulties”. He encouraged new Hubuers to bear responsibilities and work together to create their own history.


Shang Gang also shared the profound history of HUBU’s talent cultivation reform and general education. He said that the College of General Education has developed from the experimental field of "first-class undergraduate education" to the present demonstration plot.  More than 20,000 students had successfully completed their one year of general education here. He hoped that all freshers devote themselves to be a person of sound personality, devoted learning and all-round developmentand start their wonderful university life from the College of General Education.



Vice president Jiang Tao declaring the founding of military training brigade



Deputy party secretary Hou Yong declaring the founding of military training brigade


Commander of HUBU’s freshman military training, representatives of high school principal, alumni, students, faculty and staff delivered speeches to welcome freshmen and wish them a colourful, fullfilling university life.



Liu Xushi,deputy chief of staff of PLA unit 75310 and commander of HUBU’s freshman military training



Wang Shouguang, principal of Wuhan No.2 Middle School, 1981 chemistry alumni



Liang Wenrui, board chairman of Wuhan Zhihang Cutural Communication Co. ,LTD.

2008 public affairs and management alumni



Prof. Zeng Xiangyong, dean of the school of mathematics and statistics



Student representatives Huang Longhe, Pan Nian, Hu Wenting, Cao Peiyu




Party secretary Shang Gang giving birthday presents to 17 freshmen


Student representatives wearing school badge for freshmen