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Sinos da Primavera—A Chime Bells Concert

March 8, 2021


Sinos da Primavera, a chime bells concert, was held on February 28, the Lantern Festival in the year of the ox. This grand concert was co-organized by Hubei University, Confucius Institute of Hubei University at Sao Paulo State University and Confucius Classroom of Hubei University-Jagiellonian College in Poland, and was jointly launched by Confucius Institutes in Brazil and Poland. At present, the world is in a critical period of combating COVID-19. Therefore, China works together with overseas schools to fight against the epidemic with music and art.



At the beginning, President Liu Jianping delivered an opening address, and extended sincere greetings to Chinese learners and friends who support the development of overseas Confucius Institutes (classrooms) of Hubei University.



The concert is performed by Hubei Chime Bells Orchestra, which has accompanied the state leaders on overseas visits for many times. At that night, there are not only melodious tunes, but also epic odes; there are widely known Chinese and foreign songs, as well as the exotic tunes performed by chime bells.


Chinese ancient chime bells and traditional national orchestral music strike a note for music brilliance as they tune into harmony. It shows the beautiful sound of chime bells and even the charm of Chinese national orchestral music. Chime bells that originated in the Warring States period is used to play famous songs from Brazil and Poland in the show. And that beautiful music extends best wishes to people in China, Brazil and Poland at Lantern Festival night.


(Edited by Yang Rui)