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Two Provincial Engineering Research Centers of Hubei University Awarded Excellent

March 12, 2021


Recently, Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission announced the evaluation results of the National Engineering Research Center in Hubei Province (Engineering Laboratory) in 2020. One National Engineering Research Center and three Provincial Engineering Research Centers (Engineering Laboratory) of HUBU passed the evaluation, of which 2 were excellent, and 2 were good, ranking first among universities in Hubei Province by the number of excellent ones.


A total of 225 Engineering Research Centers (Engineering Laboratories) in Hubei are evaluated, among which 39 centers are evaluated as excellent, 91 are good, 64 are qualified, 19 units are rectified within a time limit, and 12 are disqualified. Hubei Engineering Research Center of Green Industry in Industrial Waste of Hubei University (relying on the School of Materials Science and Engineering), Hubei Engineering Research Center of Intelligent Government and Artificial Intelligence (relying on the School of Computer and Information Engineering) are rated as excellent. Hubei Engineering Laboratory of Biological Catalytic Technology (relying on the School of Life Science) and National Engineering Research Center of High Throughput Drug Screen (relying on the School of Life Science) are rated as good.


In recent years, the Engineering Research Center (Engineering Laboratory) of Hubei University focuses on solid waste treatment, artificial intelligence, biotechnology and biomedicine. Being responsible for economic and social development of Hubei Province, HUBU spares no effort to construct the platform for key technology research, achievements transformation and commercial applications. By building a bridge between industrial development and scientific and technological innovation, we will promote the innovation of key generic, leading edge and modern engineering technology, transform scientific research achievements into profits, cultivate new high-quality development momentum. All of the projects are measures taken to build Hubei as a strong province in science and technology.