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Harmony and Integration: International and Chinese Students Held Cross-Cultural Event Together

October 17, 2022

On October 5th, A Chinese traditional culture event was organized by Study Abroad Office and the School of Journalism & Communication. When cultures from all over the world meet each other, what kind of wonderful sparks will be created? International and Chinese students gave their unique answers through their performances.


An excellent Han-style Clothing Show was performed, fully illustrating the beauty of ancient China in these magnificent clothes. There were also performances of well-known Chinese poetry such as Chinese Ode to the Oak and Yellow Crane Tower. Beautiful Chinese Calligraphy of Yellow Crane Tower also caught the spotlight during the event.  international student Yeung Ariane performed a Jinghong Dance exquisitely and gracefully. There was also an amazing crosstalk Tie A Doll performed by Chinese students Li Ziyi and Li Jialin, which won the applause of the all the international students.




Minority group students from the School of Journalism and Communication shared the great changes the have recently been happening in their hometowns. Courage Rukuni, a student from Zimbabwe, shared his experiences in China- “I have been in China for 6 years. Initially, I only used spoons when eating and had no idea about China, but now, I know how to use chopsticks and have grown to love Chinese culture very much. I appreciate our teachers and the University for playing a huge part in our growth. Studying in China gives me a better view of the world.”


Yan Chao, program coordinator from the Study Abroad Office, said this event enhanced understanding and friendship between Chinese and international students. These kind of events will continue to be held at Hubei University in an effort to foster mutual understanding and to tell China’s stories to the world.