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International Exchange Week of Hubei University

April 25, 2023

On the occasion of the 14th UN Chinese Language Day, Hubei University held a series of activities to celebrate the International Exchange Week 2023, themed “Exchange and Mutual Learning, Sharing and Integrating” from April 19 to 22.


Xie Hongxing, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hubei University, pointed out in his speech that the new round of opening up to the world in education and the implementation of the Belt and Road Initiative provide new opportunities for universities to promote cultural exchanges and international education. The university should stand in the macro vision of building a community of human destiny, integrate into the “Belt and Road Education Initiative”, take the initiative and assume responsibility. The internationalization of Hubei University can be traced back to 1960. At present, the university has obvious advantages of Sino-foreign cooperation in school operation, the construction of Confucius Institute, and regional and country studies. In the future, the university will pay more attention to the development of Confucius Institute, regional and country studies, international academic exchanges and mutual appreciation, international student training and exchange, etc.

In 2010, the United Nations designated the “Valley Rain”, one of the 24 traditional Chinese solar terms, as the “United Nations Chinese Language Day”. Hubei University’s International Exchange Week 2023 aims to celebrate the 14th UN Chinese Day through promoting the mutual learning and integrating of different cultures, building the cultural brand of Hubei University and enhancing the international atmosphere. During the week, Hubei Confucius Institute Community will be inaugurated in Hubei University, and the university will hold the International Symposium on Humanities Exchange between China and Latin America, the Forum on “International Chinese Education Discipline Construction”, the 2023 Hubei International Chinese Day, the Brazilian Cultural Festival, the Sino-British Exchange Day, etc. During the event, international teachers and students from various universities in Hubei Province will gather at Hubei University to carry out cultural performances of different countries, and demonstrate Chinese education classes, Chinese dance performance, dragon and lion performance, Tujia ethnic group’s dance performance, Chinese costume painting and calligraphy display, Chinese opera performance, etc., which will show the charm of Chinese culture from different perspectives.