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HUBU's Top Ten News and Newsmakers(Team) for 2020

February 10, 2021


2020 was an unforgettable year as the whole world was standing together to fight against the COVID-19. Victory was in sight for China in completing the target of poverty eradication, and building a moderately prosperous society. Hubei University had also entered a new era of development. The top ten news and top ten techer and student newsmakers for 2020 are as follows.


Top Ten News of Hubei University in 2020

1. Hubei University's students, faculty and alumni had made a concerted effort to fight against the epidemic and built the largest rehabilitation station in Wuhan to safeguard people's lives, making a contribution to the victory of the Wuhan’s fight against the virus.




2. Hubei University thoroughly implemented the spirit of the Fourth and Fifth Plenary Sessions of the 19th CPC Central Committee, consolidated and expanded the achievements of the themed education “Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind“. Hubei University worked hard to strengthen Party building, implement the requirements for comprehensively governing the Party with strict discipline, and fulfill the task of fostering virtue through education. In 2020, Ying Yong, Secretary of Hubei Provincial Party Committee, delivered a speech at HUBU to implement the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee. Xie Hongxing was appointed as Secretary of the Party Committee of Hubei University, and Liu Jianping was appointed as Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and President of Hubei University by Hubei Provincial Party Committee. The Party construction and ideological and political education work of Hubei University won 10 awards above the provincial level, and the publicity work won 29 awards above the provincial level.




3. Hubei University had vigorously promoted the modernization of the university's governance system and capacity. The preparation of the "14th Five-Year Plan" were launched. Seven new engineering and new liberal arts schools were established. Campus environmental management and livelihood construction projects were carried out to further improve the overall outlook of the campus and the living environment of teachers and students.




4. Hubei University’s engineering science had made the top 1% of ESI global disciplines. Four disciplines were selected as the world's top disciplines in Soft Science. 15 disciplines were on the list of the best disciplines in Soft Science China. The competitiveness and influence of Hubei University’s key disciplines had been increasing.


5. 17 majors were selected as national first-class undergraduate majors, 10 courses as national first-class undergraduate courses, and 2 teacher training majors had passed the accreditation examination by the expert group of the Ministry of Education.


6. Hubei University newly built one provincial and ministerial collaborative innovation center. 94 research projects including the National Social Science Foundation, the National Natural Science Foundation, the National Key Research and Development Program, the Humanities and Social Science Program of the Ministry of Education and the China Postdoctoral Fund etc. were granted. The 8th University Scientific Research Outstanding Achievement Award were granted. A number of research results were published in top international journals such as "Cell".




7. 16 high-level talents at national and provincial levels were appointed. A number of teachers and students won awards and commendations at all levels.




8. Hubei University established "Manchester United School of Hubei University", the first China-foreign cooperative institution, and passed the quality certification of education for studying in China. Also, the scientific and technological achievements promotion live broadcast events were held.




9. Hubei University received donation of 72 million RMB from alumni and society. Alumnus Zhang Xian'en was elected member of the American Academy of Medical and Biological Engineering.




10. The comprehensive strength and social influence of Hubei University continued to grow, ranking 94th in the Soft Science 2020 China University Ranking List. Hubei University was among US news 2021 World University Ranking list. And a number of indicators ranked among the top 100 universities in China.


Top 10 Teacher Newsmakers

1. The Covid-19 Epidemic Rehabilitation Station Volunteer Service Team



2. Jiang Chang, Wang Zhengxiang, Zhu Weiming and Liu Jianping, Awarded Winners of the Outstanding Achievements in Scientific Research in Higher Education




3. Wang Shimin and Jiang Zhengbing, Experts of the National Key Research and Development Program




4. Jiang Chang and Liao Shengwu, Chief Experts of the National Social Science Foundation Major Project




5. Professor He Xinwen: The Last Class Before Retirements




6. Zou Aihua, National Expert




7. Xu Fangping,the Most Beautiful Social Science Scholar




8. Dai Can, Award Winner of the Henry Fok Education Foundation of the Ministry of Education




9.Zhao Hongmei, Medalist of the“Hubei May 1st Labor Medal”




10. Zhou Zhonghan, the "Running" Professor




Top 10 Student Newsmakers

1. Sports Team Youth League Branch of School of Physical Education, National May Fourth Red Flag Youth League Branch



2. Wang Ge's team, "Internet+" Gold Award Winner




3. Wang Mengyuan's team and Liu Jiapeng's team, Challenge Cup Gold Award Winners




4. Deng Yiling, National Design Competition Gold Award Winner




5. Liu Jikai, Zou Xue, and Wang Sijia, the Grand Prize Winners of the National College Student English Challenge(Uchallenge)




6. Tan Yuying, National Student of Self-improvement




7. Chen Qiushi, Cross-Strait TV Hosting Newcomer




8. Wu Jiahao, Gong Cheng, Wang Xiaochen and Liu Wei, Hubei "Yangtze River Students"




9. Zhang Shuyuan, Covid-19 Vaccine Volunteer



10. Wang Yong, Covid-19 Plasma Donor