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First Online Opening Ceremony of Confucius Institute of Hubei University at Sao Paulo State University

February 22, 2021


The commencement of the new school year of Confucius Institute of Hubei University at Sao Paulo State University had been seen at the beginning of the new year. At 7 p.m. local time on February 18, the Confucius Institute held its first online opening ceremony for freshmen through the Internet, and was attended by Chinese and foreign presidents, representatives of teachers and nearly 350 freshmen from both East and West hemispheres.




Chinese president Luo Jin extended warm welcome to students enrolled in the Confucius Institute of Hubei University at Sao Paulo State University during hard times. Also, he expressed gratitude to freshmen for bringing vigor and vitality to the Confucius Institute, and encouraged teachers and students to work together, support each other, overcome difficulties and achieve great results. Professor Paulino, President of Brazil, offered detailed introduction of Confucius Institute, which included its property, history, teachers, teaching support, cultural activities, China-Brazil exchanges and the basic information of Hubei University, a Chinese partner institution. He hoped that students would seize the opportunity, study hard and strive for the opportunity to further their studies in Hubei University in the future. After that, the teacher representative Ru Chenxi made a detailed course guidance.


It was hotly discussed in the livestream of opening ceremony. Many freshmen said that the online course provided them with the convenience of learning Chinese even though they didn’t live in Sao Paulo. In the last question and answer session, the students showed enthusiasm for the school, especially for how to apply to study in China.


According to the director of the Confucius Institute Office, the Confucius Institute not only created opportunities for more and more international personage to learn Chinese, but also drew greater attention to China which achieved ceaseless growth and stronger national comprehensive strength.


(Edited by Yang Rui)