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2023 International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship Open for Application

March 7, 2023


1. 非中国籍人士

2. 对华友好,无违法犯罪记录,遵守中国政府的法律、法规和学校的规章制度

3. 身心健康,品学兼优

4. 有志于从事中文教育、教学及相关工作

5. 年龄为16-35 周岁(统一以2023年9月1日计)

6. 在职中文教师放宽至45周岁

u Non-Chinese citizens

u No criminal record and abiding by the laws and regulations of China and the rules and regulations of Hubei University

u In good physical and mental conditions with good academic and performance

u Interested in Chinese language education and related fields

u Between the ages from 16 and 35 (as of September 1, 2023)

u Under the age of 45 for applicants currently working as Chinese language teachers



1. 国际中文教师奖学金系统申请


2. 湖北大学国际学生服务平台申请


3. 关注申请进程

 u Online Application at the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship website

     Please log on http://www.chinese.cn to find Hubei University and submit the documents as required after March 1, 2023

  uOnline Application at the International Students Service  Platform

    Please log on http://hubu.at0086.cn/student and submit the documents as required under the Chinese Language Teachers  Scholoarship after March 1, 2023

uTracking Progress Online

  四、截止日期(以北京时间为准)APPLICATION DEADLINE:




4. 2024年3月入学:截止日期为11月1日

u July Entry: Deadline is April 1

u September Entry: Deadline is May 1

u December Entry: Deadline is September 1

u March 2024 Entry: Deadline is November 1

  五、资助内容及标准 COVERAGE

   1. 全额奖学金:学费、住宿费、生活费(四周研修生除外)和综合医疗保险费

   2. 生活费标准:



Full scholarship: tuition fee, accommodation, living allowances (not for Four-Week Study), comprehensive medical insurance expenses

u Monthly living allowances:

    (1)For MTCSOL: 3,000 CNY /month

    (2)For 1-Academic-Year and 1-Semester Study: 2,500 CNY /month


1. 护照照片页扫描件

2. HSK、HSKK成绩报告(有效期两年)扫描件

3. 推荐机构负责人的推荐信(可联系孔子学院或湖北大学)

4. 提供本科学历证明(毕业预期证明)和在校学习成绩单


5. 提供两名副教授以上职称导师的推荐信。提供毕业后拟任教机构工作协议者优先资助 (仅国际中文教育专业硕士须提供)

6. 就职机构出具的在职证明和推荐信(在职中文教师提供)

7. 在各类汉语桥比赛中获得 “国际中文教师奖学金证书”者,登录国际中文教师奖学金网站,凭奖学金证书提交申请

u  A scanned copy of the passport photo page

u  A scanned copy of score reports of the HSK/HSKK tests (valid for two years)

u A reference letter by the head of the recommending institution (Please contact Confucius Institutes or Hubei University)

u A certificate of the Bachelor Degree diploma (or proof of expected graduation) and an official transcript (only for MTCSOL applicants)

u Two reference letters from professors or associate professors. Priority will be given to applicants who may provide an work contract with a teaching institution (only for MTCSOL applicants)

u The proof of employment and a reference letter from the employer (only for in-service Chinese language teachers)

u Applicants who have received the International Chinese Language Teachers Scholarship Certificate during Chinese Bridge competitions may submit the application documents along with their scholarship certificates




邮箱: sao@hubu.edu.cn

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Mr. LI Linfeng, Ms. TAN Yuting

Program Coordinator,

Study Abroad Office, Hubei University

Email: sao@hubu.edu.cn

Tel: +86 27 88661393

+86 15507291196

+86 13016429548