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History Student Xing Ying Won First Prize in National Teaching Competition

July 26, 2019

From July 20 to 24, the 2019 College Students Practical Ability Competition and the 7th National University History Undergraduate Teaching Competition organized by the Teachers' Education Branch of the Chinese Association of Higher Education was held in Jiangsu Normal University. More than 300 candidates from nearly 110 universities in China took part in the competition. History student Xing Ying won the first prize in the competition, which is the highest award HUBU history students have ever won in national teaching competition.

In order to prepare for the competition, Faculty of History and Culture made great efforts to select proper candidate, and sent experienced teachers to train and practice with the candidate. Xing Ying won first prize with solid professional skills and extraordinary performance on stage after months of training.

Liu Mingda, Secretary of the Party Committee, Faculty of History and Culture said that Xing Ying’s good performance lies in the faculty’s emphasis on quality of education, teaching and training of normal students in recent years. The faculty will further enhance the educational and teaching ability of normal students and the quality of education, in order to help build a national first-class history specialty and train more outstanding history teachers.