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Hubei University Got National Natural Science Foundation of China Regional Innovation and Development Joint Fund Project

December 31, 2021

The National Natural Science Foundation of China recently announced the list of joint fund projects for regional innovation and development in 2021, the "Research on Multi-level Structure-Activity Relationship and Key Technologies of Heterocomposite Semiconductor Nanofiber Paper Room Temperature Hydrogen Sensor" declared by the research team of micro-nano sensing materials and devices led by Professor Gu Haoshuang from the School of Physics and Electronic Science of Hubei University was funded, which is the first time that our school has been funded by key projects of this category.

This project relies on scientific research platforms such as Hubei Hydrogen Energy Safety Detection and Control Engineering Technology Research Center and Hubei Key Experiment of Ferroelectric Materials and Devices. Interdisciplinary research is carried out on key scientific issues such as multi-level structure control, surface and interface microstructure design, sensor comprehensive performance optimization and system integration of heterojunction composite semiconductor nanofiber paper room temperature hydrogen sensor. The research results of the project will provide important theoretical basis and technical support for the safe production and use of hydrogen energy, realize the core technical progress of hydrogen safety detection, and help the development of hydrogen energy industry in Hubei and even the whole country.

The Joint Fund for Regional Innovation and Development is jointly funded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and local governments. The aim of the fund is to give full play to the guiding role of the National Natural Science Foundation of China, attract and gather the national superior scientific research forces, carry out basic research and applied basic research around the major needs of regional economic and social development and gather key scientific issues, call for cross-regional and cross-sectoral collaborative innovation, and promote the improvement of China's regional independent innovation capability.