The China’s Business Environment Webinar was Successfully Held by the Confucius Institute Jointly Run by Hubei University, China and Unesp, Brazil

author:      Nov 03, 2022

October 18th to 27th Brazilian time, the Confucius Institute jointly run by Hubei University and Unesp and China Today magazine jointly held a webinar on the theme of “China’s Business Environment: Current Trends” . The webinar is composed of four sections with more than 2000 audiences watching.

The section on the theme of “Prospects of Sino-Brazilian Relations” was held on October 18, discussed by Li Qi, Minister Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Brazil, Evandro Carvalho, coordinator of the Brazil-China Center at FGV, and Luís Antonio Paulino, director of the Confucius Institute at UNESP. Li Qi focused on the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, major-country diplomacy with Chinese characteristics in the new era, the current situation of China-Brazil relations and the prospect of bilateral cooperation. He also answered questions about China’s Anti-epidemic Policy, and current economic situation etc. According to the development history of Confucius Institute at Unesp, Professor Paulino said that the Confucius Institute will play a greater role in promoting people-to-people, cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and Brazil. The participants expressed full confidence in the sustainable, stable, and healthy development of China-Brazil relations.

The section on the theme of “Overview and trends of Chinese investments in Brazil” was held on October 20, with Tian Yuzhen, Deputy Consul General of the Consulate General of P.R. from China in Sao Paulo, Tulio Cariello, Content Director of the Brazil-China Business Council, José Ricardo dos Santos Luz Jr., lawyer, CEO of Lide China, and hundreds of representatives from the Brazilian business community attended. The delegates introduced the overall situation and trend of Chinese investment in Brazil in recent years, as well as cooperation in emerging key areas such as digital economy and technological innovation. They spoke highly of China's implementation of the people-centered development philosophy, adherence to the new development concepts of innovation, coordination, greenness, openness and sharing, the brilliant achievements and bright prospects for promoting high-quality development.

On October 25, Luís Antonio Paulino, director of the Confucius Institute at UNESP, Renata Thiebaut, International Investment Advisor at Tencent, and Victor Mellão, Executive Director of MasterInt. group etc. Had a discussion on the theme of “The business environment and opportunities in the Chinese market”. This section of the webinar affirmed the achievements of China-Brazil business cooperation in the past few years. It emphasized that China and Brazil still have more business opportunities waiting to be discovered in the fields of science and technology, foreign trade export, and e-commerce.

On October 27, the section on the theme of “Language, culture, exchanges and etiquette in doing business with China” was held by Carlos Ribeiro and He Dan, Chinese Language teachers of the Confucius Institute at UNESP. The content includes meeting and greeting etiquette, gift etiquette, table etiquette, emotional public relations, and other Chinese business etiquette, as well as Chinese expressions suitable for different business occasions. The audience at the meeting was learning and using, actively interacting, and actively giving the feedback.

In the year of 2022, the Confucius Institute jointly run by Hubei University and Unesp actively conducts seminars and exchanges between China and Brazil, covering literature, music, film, economy, education, traditional culture, and other fields. It has become a bond and a bridge to strengthen the communication between the people of China and Brazil, and plays an important role in the process of building a community with a shared future for the Sino-Brazilian humanities.