The Opening Ceremony on Hubei University’s 26th Student Science and Technology Festival

author:      Nov 29, 2022

On the afternoon of November 19, the 26th Student Science and Technology Festival of Hubei University opened in the conference center Sirui Hall. Hou Yong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the university, leaders of involved units and representatives of teachers and students from all schools attended the opening ceremony.

Hou Yong said, the Science and Technology Festival is a banner of extracurricular activities of science and technology in the university, which has played a positive role in promoting students’ participation in academic and scientific practices, creating a good campus academic and scientific atmosphere and cultivating innovative talents.He stressed that we need do more to improve the mechanism of learning both inside classroom and outside classroom referring to the standard of cultivating reform system, actively coordinate the scientific and technological innovation resources inside and outside the university, and build the pattern of scientific research and education with the collaboration and efforts of multiple parties.

The opening ceremony reviewed the progresses and results of the extra-curricular academic and scientific activities of our students in recent years and announced the projects approved in the activity.

After the opening ceremony, young teachers and students attended the first lecture of the “Science and Technology Innovation Mentor’s Parlor” series. Professor Wang Zhengbang, member of the 14th Committee of Hubei Youth Federation and PhD supervisor of School of Materials Science and Engineering, shared a speech with the title of “My Dream of Scientific Research”. Taking his own schooling and scientific research experience as an example, Prof. Wang told the process of scientific researchers in seeking, building and fulfilling their dreams. What’s more, he called on students of Hubei University to establish the ambition of serving the country with their strength in science and technology, enhance interests in science, innovation awareness and innovation practice abilities, and climb the peak of innovation continuously.

It is reported that the festival, consist of twelve discipline competitions, seven academic forums or lectures, two project achievement exhibitions and a party with knowledge and games, open for all students.