Yu Riji with His Research Team Explores the New Digital Experience of Cultural Tourism IP: the Design and Implementation of a Metaverse Platform for Traditional Culture

author:    editor:   translator:    Dec 06, 2022

Recently, Professor Yu Riji’s team from Hubei University’s School of Art and Research Center for the Integrating Innovation of Culture & Scitech(RCICS), Hubei University has made significant progress in the field of digital design for cultural tourism IP. The paper “Design and Implementation of a Metaverse Platform for Traditional Culture: The Chime Bells of Marquis Yi of Zeng” was published in the international authoritative academic journal Heritage ScienceSCI and A&HCI, with a young faculty member Wu Lingyi as the first author and Prof. Yu as the corresponding author.

From the perspective of how to innovate the digital application scenario of cultural tourism IP, the study has illustrated the relevant design theories, key technologies, design of architecture, digital content and interaction and technical paths of the metaverse platform for traditional culture. What’s more, the team has conducted a practical demonstration study on the design of the metaverse platform for traditional culture on a cultural tourism IP the Zenghou Yi Chimes.

It is found that the platform realized by technologies of metaverse can make a contribution on the realization of the visualization of traditional cultural heritage, and also can simulate the natural human-computer interaction habit of users’ instincts in real experience, and can stimulate users’ interest in Chinese traditional culture, so as to more effectively present the digital traditional culture and to help users achieve the scene perception, immersive experience, deep cognition and cultural consumption of digital amusement. The study also reveals the great application prospects of metaverse and related technologies in the active utilization of cultural tourism IP.

It is reported that the team will further optimize the practical design results and push the transformation of digital cultural tourism. The team will jointly carry out the design of landing application scenarios with relevant cultural tourism scenic spots and museums in Hubei Province, and innovate a new mode of digital development of cultural tourism in Hubei.


Prof. Yu with his team has long been engaged in research of the cross-border of design, culture, science and technology. It conducts researches on basic theories, innovative designs, application development and engineering integration for the needs of digital cultural tourism, digital preservation of cultural heritage, digital entertainment, intelligent education and other industries.


Link to the paper: https://heritagesciencejournal.springeropen.com/articles/10.1186/s40494-022-00828-w