Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture into a Comprehensive Student Community

author:    editor:刘颖   translator:    Apr 10, 2023

The blue dragon on the left leaped up and fell in waves, and the red dragon on the right rotated and rolled, intertwined with the blue one. With the appearance of the dragon dance team, a Chinese excellent traditional culture themed flash mob started in Hubei University’s comprehensive student community named Yuxiu, which attracted hundreds of students.

The performers in red and yellow lion costumes caught lion balls while posted difficult postures, with the crisp sound of bells on costumes and the sound of the pace of the performers intertwined. Also, the two martial arts performers in black and white moved in a power and flexible manner. A series of martial arts moves presented by them made the surrounding students clapping and praising. Then, performers with the Guan Gong Dao(a broad sword used by a famous Chinese warrior named Guan Gong) and a spear with red tasseled(a kind of weapon widely used in ancient China) appeared one after another with their light and swift moves. The end came when performers stood with their spears straightly on the ground. The students were amazed by the wonderful performances and all eager to try.

Chen Wu, coach of Hubei University’s Dragon and Lion Dance Team and graduate student of the School of Physical Education, said, “Dragon and lion dances are Chinese treasures, and we hope that through today’s performance in the comprehensive student community, all freshmen can experience the excellent Chinese traditional culture in person and get their aesthetic literacy improved.”

The project of comprehensive student community named Yuxiu aims to create a panoramic education space for students with functions of ideological education, behavior guidance, life services, and cultural construction in order to achieve the concept of co-management, co-construction and co-share. Themed as “Leaded by party building, focus five characters equally”, the project is conducted throughout the moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labor in the whole process, relying on the 12 student activity rooms distributed in the community to carry out a variety of activities.