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Volunteer Teachers in Shannan, Tibet from Hubei University

April 4, 2021

On March 31, the Ministry of education of the people's Republic of China reported "Shannan, Tibet Welcomes Master Volunteer Teachers ", showing the story of 12 postgraduate students from HUBU to support education in Tibet.


This is the first time that Hubei University has selected postgraduates to teach in Tibet. Those volunteers come from the school of history and culture, the school of chemistry and chemical engineering, the school of physics and electronic science, the school of art, the school of foreign languages, the school of philosophy, the school of materials science and engineering, and the school of physical education. One-semester teaching program will be carried out by volunteers in Donghui middle school. On March 26, Xie Hongxing, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hubei University, and Hou Yong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Hubei University, showed their high expectations for the students at the mobilization meeting.


On the morning of Monday (March 29), a special flag raising ceremony was held in Donghui Middle School of Shannan city. Under the escort of members of HUBU volunteer group and students of Donghui middle school, the five-star red flag slowly went up the pole. After that, the representative of the middle school students presented hada (a piece of silk used as a greeting gift among the Zang and Mongol nationalities) to the members of the volunteer group.


At present, volunteer teachers have devoted into work. They will participate in the practice of educational administration, the tutor of weak subjects for graduating students, the activities of school associations and the amendment of school-based curriculums.



"Hubei University and Donghui middle school in Shannan have made full preparations for this education support. Now you have made great adaptation and your work has gone well. I hope you will strive to become a new force in Hubei's educational assistance plan for Tibet and promote the inter-ethnic exchanges and the construction of a new Tibet.", said Song Hong, director of the department of postgraduate affairs of Hubei University, at Donghui middle school.