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Honor Comes to Hubei University for Aiding Tibet

July 8, 2021

On July 4, the ninth Tibetan-aiding teams in Hubei province held a commendation ceremony in Shannan, Tibet. Wang Yuxiong, one of the teachers of Hubei University in that team, won the honor of Outstanding Communist Party Member. In the meantime, Hubei University's Graduate Student Group for Aiding Tibet was awarded the Advanced Party Group, and vice leader of the Group——Wang Ke, won the Outstanding Talent for supporting Tibet.




Hubei University has actively responded to the call of the State to support Tibet, participating in the educational aid to Tibet with practical actions. Wang Yuxiong, vice principal of the Affiliated Middle School of Hubei University, has been working in Tibet since 2017 and currently serves as Principal of Shannan Donghui Middle School. In March this year, 12 graduate students set up a group to support teaching activities in Donghui Middle School in Tibet for half a year. Based on the current situation of education in Shannan, teachers and students in Tibet have worked hard to improve its quality of education not only in classroom teaching, student guidance, class management, but also the second class and other activities. Our Tibet-aiding group established associations and organizations in Donghui Middle School such as National Flag Group and Dragon Dance Team, and carried out innovative activities such as "Dream weaving plan——Wish Support Activities", which have earned recognition by both Tibet-aiding team of Hubei province and local residents in Tibet.


Wang Ke, as well as other representatives delivered a speech in the meeting. They all expressed the opinion that they would devote to aiding Tibet in response to General Secretary Xi Jinping's call.