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Hubei University Won the Gold Medal in the Martial Arts Routine Championship of Chinese College Students

July 1, 2021

Chengdu embraced the Wushu Routine Championship of Chinese College Students (for high level athlete, and for registered contestants) themed by "Meet Happy Chengdu" from June 25 to 28. The competition, as the first Martial Arts Routine Competition for college students held after COVID-19 pandemic, was participated by 68 teams, involving 550 athletes. The Wushu team of Hubei University won two gold, two silver and two copper medals in the competition.




Lead by two coaches, Mei Linqi and Jiao Jiabo, the athletes of Hubei University Wushu team gave excellent performance in the competition. Eventually, Xiao Shiyu and Gao Xu won the first place in Long Fist and Xing Yi Quan respectively; Lu Yihong and Li Yalin won the second place in Tong Bi Quan and Tai Chi respectively; and Zhang Xiaolong won the third place in Pi Gua Quan and Nine-section Whip.


Furthermore, Shen Longhao won the fourth place in Swordsmanship, Bao Xiaohu won the fifth place in Fan Zi Quan, and Li Lei won the sixth place in Chen Style Tai Chi and Tai Chi fan.