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Hubei University was Set as National Language Promotion Base

September 20, 2021


September 17 saw the 24th National Popularization Week of Mandarin Promotion and licensing of representatives of the Second National Language Promotion Bases in Nanchang, Jiangxi province. Wang Shimin, Vice President of Hubei University and Director of Language Committee, attended the event and accepted the plaque of National Language Promotion Base.




In order to build characteristic bases that supporting the development of language and literature in the new era, the State Language Commission has carried out the selection and construction of the second batch of national language promotion bases, and 62 units have been selected nationwide. The approval of the national language promotion base marks the establishment of the first national platform for humanities and social sciences in Hubei University. The discipline layout, professional construction and talent training level will usher in new opportunities for development.




The director of the base is vice president, language commission director Wang Shimin, and the executive vice director is professor Shi Wei in School of Chinese Language and Literature. Relying on the academic platform of the School of Chinese Language and Literature, the core of the base will be composed of relevant personnel such as the Language Commission in our school, the International Institute of Education, and the Institute of Ancient Books. Basic research, applied basic research and promotion activities will be carried out around the three aspects of Mandarin research and promotion, international education for Chinese, and the inheritance and dissemination of Chinese traditional culture, so as to build a national language promotion base that integrates scientific research, talent training, academic exchanges and social services. Recently, Mandarin training will be provided for rural kindergarten teachers in ethnic and dialect areas in Hubei Province to conduct a comprehensive survey of social language and social characters in Hubei Province. The Confucius Institutes in Brazil and Africa will comprehensively strengthen the work of teaching Chinese. And we will vigorously investigate the inheritance and dissemination of traditional Chinese culture in primary and secondary schools throughout the province.