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Professor Yu Riji’s Team Won the Silver Award of XR Innovation and Application Global Challenge

September 29, 2021


On September 23, the 2021 Qualcomm XR (Extended Reality) Global Challenge for Innovative Applications jointly hosted by Qualcomm and China Telecom held an awarding ceremony in Qingdao, Shandong province. The works submitted by HUBU Cultural and Technological Integration Innovation Design Team led by Professor Yu Riji of School of Art in Hubei University——”Chime Bells by Zeng Houyi VR Immersion Digital 3D Interactive Experience Museum”and “Tujia Nationality Nuo Mask VR Immersion Digital Interactive Experience Space”, won the Silver Award and Excellent Award of XR Innovation Application Group, respectively, which is the only university team winner in the challenge.




The XR Innovation Application Group of this challenge has a total of 6 awards, including 1 Platinum Award, 2 Gold Awards and 3 Silver Awards. More than 230 XR works around the world are competing. The two award-winning works of Hubei University were designed by Professor Yu Riji with the participation of graduate students majoring in computer technology from the School of Computer Science and Information Engineering and graduate students majoring in animation and digital media art from the School of Art. At the award ceremony, the team also signed industrialization cooperation agreements with capital financing investors.


It is known that XR (Extended Reality) is the general term of VR (Virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and MR (Mixed Reality), which is known as the “ultimate form” of human interaction. It can not only bring consumers a higher quality immersive entertainment experience, but also provide powerful help for enterprise users in the fields of public utilities, education and management operation and maintenance. Qualcomm XR Innovation and Application Global Challenge is a top competition in the XR industry organized by Qualcomm. It aims to link the XR industry ecological chain, integrate hardware manufacturers, developers and channel issuance resources, encourage developers to create diverse high-quality XR software applications for the Chinese market, and promote the development of China’s XR industry.