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Cooperation Agreement was Signed Between Hubei University and Wuchang District.

October 19, 2021

On October 16, Hubei University and Wuchang District Government formally signed the “District School Cooperation Agreement”. Party Secretary Xie Hongxing, President Liu Jianping, Vice President Jiang Tao, Qian Jianguo, Wuchang District Secretary and District Chief Yu Song, District Standing Committee, District Director Zhou Ming, Vice District Chief Hu Jian attended the signing ceremony.

Liu Jianping and Yu Song signed regional cooperation agreements on behalf of Hubei University and Wuchang District Government respectively. Liu Jianping said that the school was rooted in the shore of the Shahu Lake in Wuchang, connected with the blood of Wuchang, and formed a comprehensive cooperative relationship with Wuchang District. With the support of the Government of Wuchang District, Hubei University enhances our ability, also contribute its own strength to the economic and social development of Wuchang District. During the fight against the COVID-19 epidemic, Hubei University responded to the needs of the Government of Wuchang District, and actively engaged in the fight against virus to defend the peace of Wuhan with the Government of Wuchang District. Today 's signing will further consolidate and deepen the cooperation between the two sides. Furthermore, Hubei University will better play the important role in serving local economic and social development, better promote the high-quality development of Wuchang District, and truly realize the prosperity of the district and the university.

Representatives of school directors, representatives of alumni associations, representatives of alumni entrepreneurs, heads of relevant schools, and representatives of teachers and students participated in the signing ceremony.