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1 Million Viewers were Attracted by Professor Qin Zhaogui’s Lecture in “GLAM Open Course in China”

April 21, 2022

On April 16, Professor Qin Zhaogui, a teacher from School of History and Culture in Hubei University, delivered a lecture themed by “Archives as Memory and Historical Materials” on “GLAM Open Course in China” that organized by Xinhua Net. The two-hour in-depth lecture attracted 1,059,000 audiences from national art museums, libraries, archives, museums and those who were enthusiastic about public cultural undertakings.

Starting from the formation and maintenance mechanism of memory, Qin analyzed the characteristics of archives and archives’ governance, which was different from documents, as well as its cultural paradigm as a memory mechanism. He believed that archives, as the evidence controlled by human’s joint purpose, had practical isomorphism, companionship, objective authenticity and authority, and this “reality” was a kind of source contact reality. Professor Qin analyzed the status and role of archives as a management mode and management object in national governance and social governance by cases, then emphasized the special significance of archives in the formation of co-construction identity and trust psychology, and in providing reversible inspection and supervision mechanism. Besides, he analyzed the practice of archives in memory construction from three aspectsarchives preservation, maintenance and collection. Qin used his original theory “Archival Dual Values” to analyze the core and fundamental demands of archival work, emphasized the “true” of archives center and ideal pursuit of archives, and shared the professional quality of archivists with the audience. The lecture was highly valued by the organizers and experts.


It is reported that the “GLAM Open Course in China” is co-sponsored by Xinhua Net, Shanghai University and Nanjing University of the Arts. “GLAM Open Course in China” focuses on the social, historical, cultural and artistic fields carried by public cultural spaces such as Gallery, Library, Archives and Museum, and has become a public cultural brand with significant influence both inside and outside the art industry. This lecture is the closing course of the “Archives and History and Culture” series of “GLAM Open Course”.


Professor Qin Zhaogui, the doctoral supervisor in Hubei University, the first batch of archival theoretical research leading talent and archival expert in China, is the member of the Teaching Guidance Committee of Archival Discipline of Ministry of Education, the chairman of the Wuhan Archives Association and the vice-chairman of the Hubei Archives Association. Qin has been engaged in the study of basic theory of Archival Science, Enterprise Archives Management and Archives and Literature Research for more than 30 years. He has published hundreds of work on Archival Science and History, and presided over 10 projects at the national and provincial and ministerial levels. Also, he is long-term invited for the national ministries (bureau), central enterprises and universities to research on and consulate to archives regulations and standards, major projects and academic research system. The original “Archival Dual Values” theory has extensive academic influence in the world.