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Online Celebration to Chinese Language Day by Hubei University

May 24, 2022

April 20 marks the 13th UN Chinese Language Day, which is in recognition of the start of the Grain Rain. Hubei University holds the celebrations with Confucius Institutes themed by “Chinese: jointly building a better future”.

The picture exhibition of Chinese Language Day held in Qiusuo Square introduces the background of Chinese Language Day and the development of overseas Confucius Institutes co-constructed by Hubei University. By informing the origin, evolution and principle, the exhibition shows beauty and charm of Chinese characters, an art that walks time and peace.


International students of Hubei University say “I love China, I love HUBU”, “I hope that more and more people can learn Chinese and study in China”, showing their great passion for Chinese.


Hubei University also organizes rich and wonderful celebrations at Confucius Institutes in Brazil, Sao Tome and Principe and Poland. The Confucius Institute of Sao Paulo State University in Brazil hosts an online meeting on “My Story with China” and invites representatives from different fields of society to share stories with China and Chinese language. The calligraphy competition themed by “Learning Chinese” invites many Brazilians who are enthusiastic with Chinese, and they shows their love for Chinese characters and ancient poetry by calligraphy.


The Confucius Institute of Sao Tome and Principe University provides a platform for Chinese enthusiasts in Sao Tome and Principe to show their Chinese learning results and show the charm of Chinese culture through photo exhibitions, Taiji teaching, dragon and lion performances and Chinese dubbing competitions. These activities enhance the understanding of language and civilization of China for people in Sao Tome and Principe.


Hubei University-Jagiellonian College in Poland delivers performances such as Chinese singing and dancing, Tea Art and Taiji Fan, as well as calligraphy and handmade Chinese costume classes, showing the charm of Chinese culture and Chinese language to the local people.


Besides, representatives of international students from Hubei University and Chinese teachers and students from Sao Paulo State University, Brazil, participated in the overseas special program “Chinese Language Day”. The program was co-planned by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of Ministry of Education and the “Voice” program group of the China Media Group, and shared an interesting Chinese class with 100 Chinese and foreign youths worldwide.