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Hubei University Holds the Debut Activity of Commemorative Stamp of Yuan Longping

September 26, 2022

September 7 marks the 92nd anniversary of birth of Yuan Longping, an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and the winner of the “Medal of the Republic” award in China, known as “the father of hybrid rice”.

The debut activity of commemorative stamp “Chinese Modern Scientist:--Yuan Longping” was hosted by Wuhan Municipal Postal Administration and Hubei University.



Yuan Longping(1930-2021) is the first scientist in the world to successfully utilize the heterosis of rice. Since the first peculiar wild rice species was discovered by Yuan in Hainan province, he and his team started the endless research on hybrid rice. Yuan’s research result has been introduced and adopted by dozens of countries and regions across the world to combat food shortage. The hybrid rice he cultivated now has an overseas planting area of 7 million hectares. In his lifetime, Yuan and his team trained numerous technicians in more than 80 countries, leaving his legacy to the next generation.


After Yuan accepted the invitation and became the distinguished professor in Hubei University in 2002, he gave lectures at irregular intervals, guiding disciplinary development in genetics, talents cultivation and scientific research work. He paid much attention to Hubei University’s development. Many teachers and students expressed the sincere remembrance and respect to Yuan that they would vigorously carry forward the spirit of scientist in the new era, being leading power in high-level science and technology with self-reliance.