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Hubei University Holds 2022 Opening Ceremony for New Postgraduates

September 22, 2022

On September 19th, Hubei University held 2022 opening ceremony for new postgraduates on main campus. As new HUBUers, over 3,600 master’s and doctoral students started the new stage with ambitious missions to serve China by researches and sciences.



University leaders, deans from all the schools, and all 2022 postgraduates witnessed the ceremony together. Xiao De, the vice president of Hubei University, hosted the ceremony.



The opening ceremony officially started with the raising national flag. All teachers and students sang the national anthem and saluted with eyes.



“You choose Hubei University in your best years so from now on, ‘HUBUer’ will be engraved in your life. Hubei University will accompany you to embrace the future with glories and achievements.” Liu Jianping, the president of Hubei University, gave the speech on the ceremony, and expressed his sincerest congratulation and warmest welcome to freshmen.




“The Most Beautiful Scientific Worker in 2022”, Professor Zhang Donghui. As the representative of all teachers, gave the speech on how to be a good director and how to do the scientific research. She said, a good students should be serious on study.



Zhang Zhongwei is a 2021 doctoral student of biology. He has successively participated in several scientific research projects, published two top papers in SCI (zone I) as the first author and won the national postgraduate scholarship. As for how to face new environments and challenges with a smooth start of postgraduate life, he shared his own growing experiences and encouraged new students to be realistic and pragmatic with clear goals.



Jin Chengjiao is a new students major in journalism and communication. She narrated the warm story between Hubei University and her that after applying for Hubei University with persistence and left messages to official Wechat account over 100 days, she was accepted by Hubei University successfully. Jin was touching by this experience. She called on every new HUBUer to study hard and earnestly, improve professional skills and remember the original aspiration.

The opening ceremony ended up with the song of Hubei University by all teachers and students.