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Dedication to Wetland Conservation: Our Past, Present and Prospect

November 11, 2022

The wetland is viewed as the kidney of the earth, which plays an irreplaceable role in protecting environment and biodiversity. In the present, there are totally 43 listed International Wetland Cities in the world. Wuhan, a metropolis in Central China, is one of such cites, with which other 12 wetland cities makes China the country with most wetland cities worldwide.


Hubei Province is well-known for its abundant wetlands resource, whose total wetland area is 21.753 million mu (14502 square kilometers), accounting for 7.8% of the total provincial area. At present, there are 4 wetlands with internaitional importance, 8 wetlands with national importantce, 46 wetlands with provincial importance, 72 wetland protection areas and 66 national wetland parks in Hubei Province.


Hubei University

Hubei University is a key comprehensive university jointly administered by Hubei Provincial Government and China’s Ministry of Education.

The university is dedicated to the modernization of Central China by taking advantage of academic education and scientific research, who serves the province and also shares the ongoing benefits from the development of Hubei. During these years, Hubuers are devoting ourselves to and deeply involved with wetland protection in Hubei Province.


Advantages of Scientific Researches

——In the 1980s, we started research on the conservation and development of Three Gorges Project to Jianghan Plain, which is the one of main plains in central China and vital grain producing area in China.


——In the 1990s, we undertook project by the Ministry of Agriculture on the main lake reservoirs in Hubei Province, and was awarded second prize of Science and Technology Progress.


——In the 2000s, we embarked upon the water pollution surveys of rivers and lakes around Wuhan City Circle. The research finally covered all main rivers and lakes in Hubei Province.

——In the 2010s, we take advantage of the disciplines such as biology, botany, geography and ecology to undertake national and provincial projects on extensive and profound investigations and studies in the aspects of aquatic plants, biodiversity, water pollution control, and ecological construction planning. The studies of objects mainly focus on the wetland resource in Hubei Province.


(Li Zhaohua, the professor of the School of Resources and Environmental Science, established a rural water environment research team, is dedicated to ecological construction of Hubei Province, and published more than dozens of monographs.)


Environmental Volunteer Service

Shahu Lake Environmental Protection Volunteer Team was established by the teachers and students in the school of resources and Environmental Science in 2010. Over the past 12 years, the team has insisted in environmental protection at Shahu Lake, including water quality monitoring, monthly lake cleanups, and public welfare classes. Up to now, the total number of participating teachers and students reached more than 10,000, relaying to guard the Shahu Lake.


(Shahu Lake Health Check” regularly tests the water quality by Geographic Information Systems.)



(“Green Floating Island” relies on the patented technology of the faculty to establish green floating islands in the park to purify the water quality.)


“We are adjacent to Shahu Lake, an important wetland in Wuhan. With the natural advantage, the university, is bound to protect it and set a good example for other universities.” teacher Li from the School of Resources and Environmental Science introduced.


Environmental Science Popularization

——We opens “Environmental Protection Class” for the Neighborhood .

——The teachers and students hold activity “park class” and “green life class” for the residents in communities by Shahu Lake, especially for children and teenagers.

——We carry out “Monthly Lake Cleanup Day” activity, in which volunteers and community residents sort garbage and explore environmental protection activities such as turning fallen leaves into organic fertilizer and reusing disposable items to make handicrafts.

——The project of “Pursuing the Green Water in and Human’s trace near Shahu Lake” won the Silver Award in the Third China Youth Volunteer Service Project Competition, and many student volunteers were awarded as “Hubei Youth Environment Friendly Messenger”.

——In 2020, 2021 and 2022, the volunteer team participated in the Hubei Province “Walking with Green” Micro Public Welfare Creation Competition for three consecutive years and won the third prize, the excellence prize and the second prize respectively.