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Participants from Hubei University Won the First Prize in the National Classical Recitation Competition "Recite China"

January 3, 2023

The 4th Chinese Classical Recitation Competition just ended, and our students and teachers won one national first prize, one second prize and one excellent prize.

To the Oak Tree”. Contestants: Lisa Mwila Kafwani, Eduardo Santiago de Oliveira, Instructors: Wang Ruoxuan & Zheng Zhong

This year's competition is organized by the Ministry of Education and the National Language Commission, with the theme of "Classics Build Dreams for the Future", which is one of the brand activities of the Chinese Classics Recitation Project. Our school have organized carefully and called on all relevant units to make preparation for the competition. The contestants made great efforts and spent their summer vacation training and polishing their works. The school language committee assigned professional teachers to provide guidance on recitation skills, stage performance, and video recording.

Centennial Symphony” Contestants: Jia Yifan, Wang Heyan, Huang Shixin, Dong Hewei, Instructor: Chen YuKun


After the school competition, four groups’ works were sent to participate in the province competition. They won two first and two second prizes in the final of Hubei Province, and all of them entered the national final. In the national final, the work “To the Oak Tree” won the first prize in the international student group, “Centennial Symphony” won the second prize in the university student group, and “YueYang Lou Ji” won the excellent prize in the university student group. In addition, “Reading China” won the second prize in the teacher group of the Hubei finals.

"YueYang Lou Ji". Contestant: Ding Zixian, Instructor: Zheng Zhong

"Reading China Contestants: He Zhaoyu, Zhang Xi, Chen Cen, Zhao Jing, Zhang Wenyu, Liu Yajing, Instructors: Wang Ruoxuan, Zheng Zhong