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Highlights of the university in 2022

January 4, 2023

Team from Hubei University won in the final of Futsal Super League


Hubei University graduate students' teaching group won the Hubei Province Youth Day Medal, and their photo of volunteering in Tibet appeared on the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics


International students of Confucius Institute performed “Hanyangmen Garden” in authentic Wuhan dialect, and fell in love with Wuhan and China at Hubei University


Liu Yihan took the first places in Hubei University in both CET4 and CET6 in one day


Jin Chengjiao left her wish of becoming a graduate student in Hubei University on its WeChat Official Account for more than 100 days, and the wish finally came true


Zhong Siyu got the first place in the postgraduate student entrance exam of Peking University


Investment for Hubei University’s student dormitory is more than 300 million yuan


Campus Concert in Stadium 2

Prof. Li Rongjuan, Vice Dean of the School of Public Administration, won the National Labor Day Medal


Hubei University’s Chuyang blood donation team has donated 46,000ml of blood


Students ate potatoes grown by themselves


The number of first-class undergraduate majors increased to 43.


Prof. Zhang Donghui from the School of Life Sciences was awarded the title of "Most Beautiful Scientist" in Hubei Province in 2022


Hubei University hired two top professors in humanities and social sciences


On the 2021-2022 Top 100 list of WeChat Official Account influence of national universities, Hubei University’s account ranked 24 nationwide, and entered the top 50 for 6 consecutive years


Research paper was published in Nature for the first time, achieving full coverage in three top international journals


New dormitories, classrooms, sports fields and roads were built together at Yangluo Campus


The size of the school's graduate students exceeded 10,000 for the first time



Gu Jing was awarded second-class merit once, commended for 24 times, a short-video maker with a million fans. He is a shining freshman at Hubei University


Mr. Guo Jinsong of the School of Marxism was honored as "Good Teacher of Jingchu".


Prof. Chen Shouwen of School of Life Sciences won the fourth “Chutian Gardener Award”


The number of Humanities and Social Science Foundation ranked No. 5 in Hubei Province, and 56 natural science projects receive funding


Hubei University was selected as a national innovation and entrepreneurship school construction unit


Hubei University celebrates its 91st birthday


A security guard in Hubei University became an amateur calligrapher with his efforts and love


HUBUers Watched the Opening of the 20th National Congress of CPC


15 alumni was selected on the top 2% of global top scientists list in 2022


Botany and Zoology becomes the fourth discipline of our university to enter the top 1% of the global ESI