Wojciech Sawiński: A Polish teacher enjoys life at Hubei University

author:Wu Shan, Li Huanran, Mouzilingxiao    editor:Wang Junlin   translator:Li Jing, Zhou Qiong    Apr 15, 2024

Wojciech Sawiński, the first Polish teacher at Hubei University, standing tall at 1.8 meters with thick eyebrows, big eyes and whiskers, is affectionately called as “Wu Yue” in China. He is head of Confucius Classroom at the Jagiellonian College, jointly established by Hubei University and the Jagiellonian College, and offers a public elective course titled Polish Language and Polish Culture at Hubei University since 2022.

"I have formed close bond with Hubei University in Poland, and it deepens here in China. I hope wherever the future takes me, this bond remains unbroken. China has truly become my second home."  Wojciech Sawiński reflects on his years in Wuhan with heartfelt satisfaction.

In 2019, Wojciech Sawiński assumed the role of Polish Director at the Confucius Classroom at the Jagiellonian College in Poland of Hubei University. He facilitated the cooperation between the Confucius Classroom and the Toruń City Museum, specifically on Far Eastern art. During the museum's evening tours, he curated themes such as tea culture, Tai Chi, and traditional music to introduce Chinese culture.

In his Polish Language and Culture class, Wu Yue often reminds students, "Don't forget to bring your slips for registration after class!" These slips serve as bonus points to  boost their overall scores in terms of class performance.

For many students, Polish is a completely new language, but through Wojciech Sawiński's engaging classes, many of them have developed a keen interest in both the language and the country.

Being a "photo enthusiast", Wu Yue often shares his daily life on Facebook, where his posts consistently garner numerous admiring comments, making him very proud. "Wuhan and Hubei University are incredibly beautiful. I love it here!"

Looking ahead, Wu Yue aspired to collaborate with his Polish colleagues to upgrade and thrive the Confucius Classroom at Jagiellonian College in Poland. "It's a big challenge, but I eagerly anticipate the new advances for our Confucius Classroom." He remarked.