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Activities Themed by “Learning Party History and Never Forget the Martyrs” Held by Hubei University

April 21, 2021


Activities themed by “Learning Party History and Never Forget the Martyrs” fall on Qingming Festival, and participated by teacher and student party members of Hubei University.



Teachers and students party members, party-joining activists and representatives of Youth League members from the school of Marxism, school of business, logistics group and other departments went to Shiyang Martyrs' Cemetery to attend a memorable ideological and political course on party history by commemorating the martyrs.


In front of the statue of the Shi Yang, a Chinese martyr, the teachers and students were drawn in solemn. They learned the heroic deeds of the martyr Shi Yang, presented flower baskets, observed collective silence, recited poems, and reviewed the oath of joining the party to express their respect for the martyrs.



Teachers and students showed their impression for the activity: it was tens of thousands of revolutionary martyrs like Comrade Shi Yang who have sacrificed their lives for their country that enabled us to live a peaceful life. We will always bear in mind the heroic deeds of the martyrs, learn their spirit, stick to the original mission, and effectively turn the achievements of party history learning and education into a strong driving force for our work in a new era.



Zhixing College of Hubei University organized representatives of teachers and students to participate in the theme education of "learning the great deeds of past hundred years" and the opening ceremony of 35th "week of paying respect to Chinese heroes" in Jiangan area, then offering flowers to the martyrs.



Besides, 151 student party members and party-joining activists of the school of life sciences paid tribute to the martyrs at Guishan. Standing in front of the memorial, all the students learned to the deeds of martyrs, recited the history of the party in unison, offered flowers and retook the oath of joining the party.



Apart from offline visits, school of general education, school of public administration and school of business also held the Qingming sacrifice activities online. In the activity, the students learned the deeds of the heroes, presented flowers and wrote short passages on the website. The students also showed their respect to the martyrs by watching the program of “Models of the fifth series” and holding theme class meetings, etc.


(Edited by Yang Rui)