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Over 9,000 Freshmen Chasing Dreams of Youth in Hubei University

September 12, 2022

September is the month to welcome new members of Hubei University. 5,605 undergraduates, 3,544 master’s and doctoral students and 65 international students went to Hubei University with dreams on September 3 and 4, opening a new chapter in their lives.



Main campus(Wuchang campus) and branch campus(Yangluo campus) were dressed up in a new style with a full sense of ritual. Staffs, student volunteers and members of CPC in government departments welcomed freshmen at their positions, with the fullest passion and the most meticulous preparation. According to requirements of regular epidemic prevention and control, freshmen and their parents strictly abided by requirements, scanned the code and measured temperature before entering the campus to register.


School leaders Xie Hongxing, Liu Jianping, Hou Yong, Tan Kunhua, Wang Shimin, Xiao De, Li li and Zhang Tianjin came to orientation sites, dormitories and canteens. They warmly welcomed freshmen, greeted staffs and volunteers, checked and guided orientation work. Also, school Deaners kindly communicated with freshmen and their parents, encouraging freshmen to adapt to university life as soon as possible. Freshmen should struggle in youth, becoming mature adults and talents in Hubei University.


In front of signature wall and photo wall, freshmen wrote what they wanted to achieve in university and left valuable memories, brimming with youth. “One-stop” registration service was convenient for freshmen to independently complete the registration processing in order, including identity verification, school registration, tuition payment, military training materials getting and dormitory check-in at final.



All schools prepared various goody bags for freshmen, including school badges, school uniforms, guiding brochures, professional books, letters from professors, customized stationery and daily necessities. Students whose birthday was the orientation day also received birthday cakes and blessings luckily. At the orientation meeting, school principals and professors patiently answered questions to guide freshmen to smoothly integrate into university life, which contributes to promoting the home-university collaborative education.


There were many freshmen volunteers in the campus because more than 200 freshmen came to the university ahead of time this year to provide orientation services such as university gates guarding and order guiding. Chen Qinyu, from Huanggang, Hubei, said she was full of longing and curiosity for university life so she wanted to experience it earlier. Meanwhile, she learned from her father who was brave to fight against the epidemic, hoping to do something that she could do for others.



Having helped each other in the same class since they were kids, twin sisters Wang Qin and Wang Rui majored in electronic information together in school of computer science and information engineering, continuing their special fate. They said Hubei University had excellent faculty and talents cultivation so they hoped they could promote each other and take up advanced studies together.



Although Zhang Jinyuan, 19 years old, suffers from congenital cerebral palsy, he has never lowered requirements on himself. He was admitted to information security major in school of cyber science and engineering of Hubei University, with a score of 553 points in the college entrance examination this year. “Hubei University’s environment is beautiful with complete hardware facilities. I believe I can be here to develop myself more comprehensively. I will be more hard-working, trying participating in club activities, the league and student unions to enrich my university life. I don’t want to disappoint them who care about me and help me.” Zhang said.