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Hubei University Holds 2022 Opening Ceremony for Freshmen

September 20, 2022

On September 17th, Hubei University held 2022 opening ceremony in Yangluo Campus for new undergraduates. 5,605 freshmen wore university badges and took a solemn oath that they would strive in youth, starting a new journey in life as HUBUers.

University leaders, deans from all the schools, and all 2022 freshmen witnessed the ceremony together. Hou Yong, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of HUBU, presided over the ceremony.



Entering with the university flag and flags of schools, all freshmen experienced the first roll call in Hubei University. They shouted “Hubei University, we are here” loudly. With the solemn flag-raising ceremony, the opening ceremony officially started.


Liu Jianping, the president of HUBU, expressed the warmest welcome to all freshmen, congratulating their arrvie and became new HUBUers. To freshmen, he delivered a speech full of passion with the theme of “choice, trust and responsibility”. He said Hubei University went through ups and downs, having adhered to the original intention of serving China by education. It overcame difficulties and strove for excellence with the unique spiritual culture. It was a trust and a responsibility for them that freshmen chose Hubei University.

As the spring for a year and the morning for a day, the golden time in one’s life was when he was in the university, Liu said. In the new station of life, everyone should experience with the university motto “Smarter Every Day, Stronger Every Step”.



Wang Shimin, the vice president of Hubei University, declared the founding of military training brigade. Xie Hongxing, the secretary of Party Committee at Hubei University, handed over the flag to the military training brigade.


Professor Guo Jingsong, who was awarded  “Outstanding Teacher in Jingchu District ” welcomed freshmen on behalf of over 1,500 teachers. As an experienced Hubuer who has taught 30 years, he gave four key words “confidence, trust, sensibility and faithfulness” to everyone.



“I understand the mission of students majored in education that we should know what the education is and do it. I also know the value that builders serve for teachers and students. I can understand why volunteers devote themselves.” Chen Jiahao, the student representative and the 2019 undergraduate majored in education, shared his comprehension of growing in Hubei University and encouraged freshmen, practicing and strengthening professional skills.




Under the witness of teachers and senior students, university instructor wore a university badge for the representative of freshmen and all freshmen wore by themselves. IMG_266



All freshmen raised up their right fists and took the solemn admission oath, “We will remember the Hubei University’s motto ‘Smarter Every Day, Stronger Every Step’. We will adhere to Hubei University’s spirits, keep on improving and strive to overcome difficulties. With morality, self-cultivation, diligence and kindness, we will integrate knowledge with practice and strive to be talents. We’d like to be new members of the times, striving for realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!”



The opening ceremony ended up with the song of Hubei University by all people.