Hubei University’s First Internship Fair for Normal Students

author:      May 24, 2023

On the morning of May 13,  Hubei University’s first internship fair for normal students was held in Qiusuo Square. The fair was co-organized by the Center for Student Development and Employment and the Normal School, in which 36 secondary schools across China provided nearly 300 internship positions, attracting many normal graduates of 2024. Xie Hongxing, Secretary of the Party Committee of Hubei University, and Li Li, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, attended the event.



In the lively fair, students looked for internship opportunities with carefully crafted resumes. “As a Wuhan local and a graduate of the Weiming School, I preferred to submitted my resume to it,” said Li Zelong, a chemistry-major student of 2022.


There were also junior students on the scene, who took the initiative to communicate with the high schools to understand their actual needs and set more accurate goals for their own learning and career planning. “The fair is an innovative two-way selection model for students and secondary schools, based on the targeted delivery of interns to secondary schools, to achieve precise matching of supply and demand and the integration of "internship + employment,” introduced a staff of the Center for Student Development and Employment.

Participating secondary schools expressed high recognition of the first internship fair for normal students held by Hubei University. The representative of Zhongxiang No. 1 Middle School said that communicating with students in advance is conducive to the students knowing more about our school, and their early participation in job training, as well as providing an assessment basis for our teacher recruitment.



The fair also witnessed the signing and awarding ceremony for normal student internship base, and the cooperation between Hubei University and nine secondary schools on internship.