Muhammad Sultan Irshad:Introduce China to Pakistanis, enhance China-Pakistan exchanges

author:    editor:Wang Junlin   translator:Song Tianshuo, Zhou Qiong    Mar 25, 2024

In the laboratory of School of Materials Science and Engineering at Hubei University, Muhammad Sultan Irshad, a 31-year-old international student from Palestine, is experimenting on sea water desalination with his teachers and fellow students in the research group by various sophisticated instruments and equipment.

Influenced by his family, Sultan has been longing for China since childhood. He said: “My father constantly told me that China’s accomplishments in development is a role model for us to learn from. After obtaining a master’s degree, he received offers from renowned universities around the world. However, he resolutely chose to enroll in a PH.D. program at Hubei University which is situated in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China.

Sultan often works late into the night in the laboratory. His group has developed solar-powered thermosensitive materials and multifunctional water evaporation system, which have broad application prospects in improving energy utilization efficiency and solving the water resource shortage. During his PhD program at Hubei University, Sultan published 6 SCI papers as the first author. In 2022, Sultan graduated with a doctoral degree and was awarded "Outstanding Graduate". Then he went to Shenzhen University for post-doctoral research. Due to research needs, he often shuttles between Shenzhen University and Hubei University. In the future, Sultan hopes to settle down in China and engage in research and teaching.

Supported by the Hubei University Office of International Affairs and other departments, Sultan has recommended over 20 Pakistani students to Wuhan for master's and doctoral degrees, and has also facilitated the cooperation between 5 Pakistani universities and Hubei University. "Pakistan and China are connected by mountains and rivers and enjoy cultural proximity. I hope to introduce China to the Pakistani people better through my efforts, enhance the empathy between our peoples, and contribute to the exchange and cooperation between the two countries in the fields of science, technology, and education," said Sultan.

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