The fourth Hubei University Half Marathon launches with passion

author:    editor:Wang Junlin   translator:Liu Chenyu Zhou Qiong    May 20, 2024

The fourth "Yuanyi Education Cup" Hubei University Half Marathon kicked off at 7:00 AM, May 18th 2024. This event attracted more than 2200 applicants, and qualified 1200 for the Fitness Running (about 11km) and 300 for the Half Marathon (about 21km). Xie Hongxing, Secretary of CPC Hubei University Committee, and Hou Yong, Deputy Secretary of CPC Hubei University Committee, attended the event and presented awards to winners.

The teams started at Qiusuo Square, Hubei University, and the Fitness Running group and the Half Marathon group returned to Qiusuo Square after one lap or two laps respectively around the Shahu Lake. To ensure the race went smoothly, multiple aid stations were set up on the way, along with some fixed medical points to support the participants.

At 8:16 AM, Liu Yuanfeng, a 2001 alumnus from the School of Computer Science and Information Engineering, took the lead in crossing the finish line, claiming the championship of in the male faculty and alumni Half Marathon group with a time of 1:16:24.

Yue Xin, Huang Yibai, Li Chenggang, Zhang Chi, and Huang Ruiquan who live in Room 712, Building 2 of Tuanjie Apartment, from Chucai Honors College have all qualified for entry of the race. Before the race, Li Chenggang get injured, but he still stayed the course with his roommates. Along the way, they encouraged each other and didn't let anyone fall behind, finished the fitness running around an hour.