North Lion Dance squad of Hubei University wins World Championship

author:    editor:Wang Junlin   translator:Xiao Zitong Zhou Qiong    May 22, 2024

The First FOBI World Lion and Dragon Dance Championship 2024 was held in Indonesia from May 17th to May 19th, 2024. The Northern Lion Dance squad from Dragon & Lion Dance Art Troupe of Hubei University, clinched the champion in northern lion dance optional routine, after a tight two-day race.

The championship featured three disciplines including Southern Lion Dance, Northern Lion Dance, and Dragon Dance, each event includes compulsory routine and optional routine. Fifteen teams from eleven countries and regions including Indonesia, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand competed in the race. At the invitation of the organizer, the Chinese Dragon and Lion Dance Association sent the North Lion Dance squad of Hubei University and the South Lion Dance squad of Shishan Dragon and Lion Dance Association, Foshan, Guangdong Province to participate in the championship.

The optional routine theme of North Lion Dance squad of Hubei University is “Lion from China”, including 10 elements of difficulty. The championship is based on a 10-point scoring system, with 2 points for the difficulty, 5 for the completeness, and 3 for the artistic expression. The North Lion Dance squad of Hubei University is the only team that got full points on a difficulty rating session, and won the championship with a score of 8.82.